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Dr. Gary T. Meadors

Professor of Greek & New Testament, Author, Musician

I am delighted that you have chosen to view my website. Perhaps you are a student looking for course information, or you are searching for information on a subject that my site provided a hit, or you want to blog about a subject of interest to you in relation to the Bible.  Whatever you seek, welcome. I look forward to interacting and helping you in any way I can. Feel free to contact me.



I've taught Greek & New Testament for 30+ years in regionally and ATS accredited schools. View my resume & teaching tabs.



I've authored several books, dictionary, & professional journal articles relating to the Bible. I also have several projects underway.



"Bluegrass musician" is not an oxymoron! While teaching and writing are my vocation, playing the 5-string banjo is my avocation.

Featured Publications

I am currently an author with Zondervan publishing company. My book Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology addresses how the Bible applies to modern life. This title is in the Zondervan Counterpoints series and presents four major views on how Christian scholars view the relevance of Scripture in the modern world (authors are Kaiser, Vanhoozer, Doriani, Webb, Strauss, Wright, Wolters and me). I am currently writing an expanded version of my "will of God" paradigm.  The Baker title pictured is now only with LOGOS in English and Spanish.  You can get a taste of my work on God's will in the lectures under the Teaching tab.  The Four Views title is also available from LOGOS.



When I lived in Michigan, I played with a variety of bands including Bluegrass Fever (Floyd and Vernita Norville) and Deadwood (in the Three Rivers area).  Deadwood became my "band of brothers."  We produced two CDs and I have some if you are interested.  These are traditional bluegrass selections.  In Florida I also have played with a variety of groups.  The Myakka River Bluegrass' program provided here was at the Fort Myers Performance Arts Center. The MC for that program is Dick Spotswood, an award winning Bluegrass historian and radio program producer.  The YouTube is a bit long but can be sampled as well.

I am currently playing with the Orange Blossum Ramblers in the Ocala, FL, area.  

For Bluegrass Music in Southwest Florida, Visit:

www.southwestfloridabluegrass.org ; www.heartlandbluegrass.org

 I enjoyed playing banjo with Deadwood in Southern Michigan for a number of years prior to moving to Florida.  We produced two CDs that are still available if you are interested. When I first arrived in Florida, I played with the Myakka River Bluegrass Band.  I am currently playing with the Orange Blossum Ramblers in the Ocala, FL, area.